Tuesday, January 23, 2001

This is a good post. More information on the whole "Wednesday Fucking" thing. But first off, I want to say three words:


Kelvin called me on the phone not too long ago. He told me that it was all a lie and it was really him. Too bad, because I had another conversation with Alexa, but he said that that was him behind the screen name that time too. He was pleading for me to take down everything on the site. He told me that it wasn't really Alexa that I was talking to on her screen name, that it was really him. He told me that HE STOLED HER PASSWORD AND WAS ONLINE USING HER SCREEN NAME. HE TOLD ME SHE DON'T KNOW THIS THOUGH, SO PLEASE DON'T TELL HER!!. Kelvin called me, and so I recorded the whole phone conversation (it was 15 minutes long), but being the first time I record a phone conversation, it came out terribly wrong. I then called Alchemist aka Allinson and told him about it and we both had a good laugh. He then later on came to my house and we laughed some more. We ended up recording a little some for Kelvin. You can hear what we had to say here. Hear it over and over. OVER AND OVER DAMNIT! Kelvin told me not to tell Alexa any of this, and so I won't...but he never said anything about not telling all you people, AGAIN! :D

THANKS A LOT to all of you who clicked on her named and sent her the message! If you do click on any of their names and send them one of our pretyped messages, and some funny conversation happens from it, mail me and send me the log.

Okay, once again I'll go over the key notes of everything:
1.Kelvin has Alexa's password, Alexa don't know this.
2.Alexa came earlier to the site and was pretty upset, hopefully she'll come by again.
3.Kelvin is playing Alexa with a local neighborhood girl.

>>LINK// mp3

Note: I know this has no place in this site, its out of content. So I'm sorry for that. But you have to see it from my perspective: THIS WILL MAKE TOMORROW VERY EXCITING! Imagine how pissed off Kelvin will be. Sure, it might not affect you, but it will to me. And I love it! I will have so much fun about it! He might not talk to me, or Alchemist [Allison] for a while, but who the fuck cares!? WE'RE HAVING FUN! You should be too!

Also, I have to transfer everything to Greymatter. I'll be doing that tonight, or at least I'll be trying to. So next time I post it will hopefully be from Greymatter and not from Blogger. Laters.
Remember a few posts earlier where I said I would supposely be fucking with some girls my friend would bring over on Wednesday? Well, much like I suspected, its not happening. My friend basicaly sucks at setting things up. Below is the conversation that confirms it all.

Babybronx7 (4:59:21 PM): HI
dhenji (4:59:29 PM): hey
Babybronx7 (5:00:09 PM): HOW U DOIN
dhenji (5:00:17 PM): ok
Babybronx7 (5:00:58 PM): KOOL
dhenji (5:01:06 PM): yep
Babybronx7 (5:01:09 PM): CASSANDRA IS HERE
dhenji (5:01:25 PM): that good for her
Babybronx7 (5:04:16 PM): SHE SAID HEY
dhenji (5:04:25 PM): heh
dhenji (5:04:32 PM): okay
Babybronx7 (5:04:52 PM): we're chillin u
dhenji (5:05:08 PM): same
Babybronx7 (5:05:31 PM): what u do 2day
dhenji (5:05:58 PM): nothing, been sleeping most of the day
Babybronx7 (5:06:15 PM): o
Babybronx7 (5:08:39 PM): by the way um me n my mah girls arent comin down there
dhenji (5:08:50 PM): okay
Babybronx7 (5:09:25 PM): ur not upset?????
dhenji (5:09:50 PM): nope
Babybronx7 (5:10:18 PM): aiight b like dat
dhenji (5:10:29 PM): What? You want me to be upset?
Babybronx7 (5:10:35 PM): yes
dhenji (5:10:36 PM): "Oh no! WHY NOT!? COME COME! AHHH!"
Babybronx7 (5:10:47 PM): yeh ok
dhenji (5:10:52 PM): Like that?
dhenji (5:11:02 PM): No, wait, that was more sad than upset.
dhenji (5:13:22 PM): Was that it?
dhenji (5:13:32 PM): Or should I be more angry? =)
dhenji (5:13:39 PM): No, wait, I mean upset. =)
dhenji (5:15:15 PM): I guess I wasn't upset enough. =/ Laters.
Previous message was not received by Babybronx7 because of error (5:15:16 PM): User Babybronx7 is not available.

dhenji (5:15:26 PM): FUCK YOU TOO! =)
Previous message was not received by Babybronx7 because of error (5:15:27 PM): User Babybronx7 is not available.

Basically I don't give a fuck. I knew it wouldn't be happening, so I wasn't stressing it. So there you go. Feel free to give Alexa, aka Babybronx7 an IM.

Also, Kelvin aka 'My Friend' told me that Alexa and her friends are bisexual anyhow and would prefer fucking each other than us. Go figure. Too bad, Allinson, aka Alchemist. Allinson was really looking forward to doing them. Heh. That's so funny, he was stressed out yesterday trying to figure out a good place we could take them while I cracked endless jokes about it not happening. My jokes came true.

The moral of this post? Be careful what you wish for>JOKE ABOUT, it might come true.

So sad how this time around I'm happy it came true. They were probably dirty anyhow. Too bad I don't have any pics of them to post up. You'll live.
Blogger officials sucks to me...if there is no BlogVoices to go along with it. Here is the notice BlogVoices put upas far as why they're stopping with the BlogVoices is concerned.(for now?)

Much like Mindy is going to be doing, and like everyone else, I will be moving on to Greymatter. I felt really bad not going to Mindy's site in time to reply to the two people who asked for more information on Greymatter, and so here it is. Also, for those of you using Blogger and not knowing whether to move on to Newspro or something else, if you're planning on moving on anyhow.

Greymatter offers everything Blogger does, plus more. Its more customizable. (sp?)

I'm too tired to set it up now, so I'll probably be doing that in the morning hours laters on. Until then, send me an IM or something. I'm BORED AS HELL!
Nadine made it for meNadine made it for meI am so tired. So sleepy. But instead of going to sleep I have been making a special extra for you all. You can read about it a bit lower in this update.

Check out the love I got from Nadine. She made both those troopers for me. I don't think StorTroopers has my kind of hair. Oh well.

You all knew it was only going to be a matter of time before I jumped on the bandwagon and had my own troopers, and so there they are. Hell, you can jump on the bandwagon too, go make your own StorTroopers here. THANKS NADINE! Muah! Heh.

About what I've been doing. I made myself some grilled cheese sandwiches earlier and decided to take pics and pics and pics of it. I made it into a sort of documentary and posted it up in the Shit section for you all to see. Check it out and give me feedback: either by using the comments (prefered) or by mailing me (also cool) or by doing both (I will be your sex slave for life!* )

*Offer only good to females who don't have unibrows or breast hair.

I'm seriously going to go to sleep now. Everyone, but Xide and Matt of X-Entertainment, is either offline sleeping, or sleeping but left their screen names on with an away message in place of them. I'm just going to go offline and sleep all together. I'll try and have a nightmare so I can tell about it in the morning, or in the afternoon which is when I'll be waking up.

Sign the damn comments, and enter the Contest now. Only two days left.

Monday, January 22, 2001

I'm so out of content right now. I have nothing to say or lie about. I'm just so tired overall and recently I've been a bit pissed off at something I saw at another site. I won't say anything pass that though. If you're really curious, ask me and I might tell you.

I spent most of the morning hours yesterday talking to Nadine, until she had to sign off. She's definitely an interesting person. Very naughty, too. (Heheh... *wink*)

I have no school all this week. So I'm definitely gonna be messing around with the site some. I've got a few ideas for the Shit section. Some new. Some not. But for the not-new ones, I'll add a certain twist to them to make it fun again.

I won't mention any names, but a certain SOMEONE is so mean and evil to a certain SOMEONE else. Heh. Taking advantage of someone else and their website is evil...just plain evil. But funny. But evil. I'll say no more.

Serra of Fuh-Q.com was nice enough to link to me on her site. Yay! She's got that new layout going for her, sorta retro-Fuh-Q, but still cool. It massages my eyes...mmm...

I guess that's all I can squeeze out of myself right now. Overall I'm just really happy at how the site is going along, and how some of ya have been sending in Phan Pics. That's really cool. Also all the IM's I've been getting. Its all good.

Hey, I'll be doing this new thing at the end after the Quick.Plugs, where I'll recommend and mp3 for you all. Basically it won't be any ordinary mp3, the mp3 will be a good one. When I say ordinary I mean it won't be like something even your grandmother already has downloaded on her computer. Sure, every now and then it'll be a normal song, but more like than not it'll be a cool, unique one. The link provided will open up Napster for you and search the song/title. All you have to do after that is choose someone to download it from. I haven't seen any other site (with the exception of iwannabecool.com) use Napster links, but I bet after this there will be more using them. But that's cool though, because I didn't invent them. :)

jessika's lips, hope she don't mind i put them up here>>Quick.Plugs//
+mac jabber This is Jessika's site. She seemed cool, I spoke to her briefly yesterday. She's also cute...don't tell her I said so though. ;)

+CKY - Chinese Freestyle Really funny. I think the original name is 'Bran's Freestyle', but who cares. Just download it.

Sunday, January 21, 2001

You guys are definitely funny. You IM me with the weirdest things. But that's cool, I like it. Keep it up. Now if only more of you would sign the comments. (Lazy bastards.)

For those who asked, the picture from the last post was submitted by Jet — yes, the same Jet from the Phans section. And while in topic of the Phans section, I would like to say thanks to all those who have submitted so far. Its getting bigger and bigger. Its gonna be tough deciding who's gonna get those FIVE DOLLARS.

I met a few people today — online, that is.. That's great. I spoke some more with HalfHonk, but I basically dub this as me meeting him since before we only spoke a few lines. He's quite the ladies' man, even though if he doesn't admit it. Heh. Somehow I don't think I was supposed to say anything about that. ;)

I also met Daniel. I had seen him in a webcam before, and thought he looked like a pretty interesting person. (He was like...all crazy looking in the webcam pic, that's why.) Well, he IM'ed me today, we spoke, and I got him to send me a Phan.Pic. His is actually kind of cool. Check it out.

Last but not least, I got an IM from Nadine. Now this girl is definitely cool. She as well sent me a phan pic. Check out her site!

Now, I would like to continue this post by saying three simple words:

The Man Show

This show, is GOD. Any show with girls on trampolines is definitely a phat show! Their content is good, but they make it even better with the girls! They had a roll call for the trampoline in LA and girls showed up and bounced around, showed their panties, and around the end...started showing their boobs. Immediately once I saw more than 2 girls showing their breasts...I raised my hands up in the air like a football referree marking a good fieldgoal. Then when I could put them up no more I started going "WOOO!"

In 'The Man Show' they had "The BEST of The Man Show," and in one of the segments they went to Snoop's (Doggy.Dogg) house. That shit was funny. They got high in 'Tha Green Room' and then they stole his munchies and some more of his weed. Adam Corrola (spelling) offered him a ziplock bag full of weed as a present when they first entered his house. It was funny as hell.

I'm watching it now and Adam is talking about how Strippers need special parking. Because they need to save their energy for his lap, heh! Imagine pulling up to your local favorite whatever-it-is-you-go-to and seeing "Stripper Parking Only" right next to the "Handicapped Only" parking. That would be i33t. i33t as hell...no, wait, I'm not a stripper...that would mean I would have to spend an even longer amount of time looking for MY parking space.

Continue with them Phan.Pics, send some more! Send in some Phan.Hollars. Girls espcially. Send in some sexy pictures as well as hollars. Also, if you are a girl, I would prefer you using my name personally instead of "Nigital" like the guys have been doing (and by all that is holy should continue doing, unless it's to praise me or something ;) ). That is all.

+Crunkin Nadine owns this site, and Nadine surely does 0wn. Check it out and tell her I sent you when you sign her guestbook or mail her.
+Daniel's Page Daniel is just...fun. Heh. Brent was making fun of him on his webcam before because Daniel looked like he was sniffin' crack while masturbating simultaneously, but Daniel's still cool, and should go fuck Brent up when he reads this. Visit his site.
+iphlex.com This is Howard's site. Its an art site and he's just getting started, but it still looks good. Maybe he'll read this and make Nigital a wallpaper or two. ;)
Some of you people scare me. No, really. I mean that. You all scare me sometimes... and I love it!

Take this picture on the left for example. What kind of bullshit is that? Who knows, but its surely...funny. Well, not really, but its surely one of those pictures I can use as an excuse to do a post. Admit it, those of you with sites out there, sometimes you just use a picture as an excuse for a post. Or as something to start out talking about. It helps you transition from the picture to whatever the main topic of that post will be. For example, midget female strippers on trampolines (yeah, Ty, yeah). You know, I really was hoping not to get any results from those keywords... (sigh)

Anyhow, I have a story for you all today. Its called... umm... I really hadn't thought of a name. I honestly plan on making whatever follows up as I go along. Lets call it "The Penguin Perils" for now.

The Penguin Perils

Okay, so my story begins upon arriving at the airport. I was stuck having to fly Mandarin Airlines, but at least it was coach seats. So sure, I thought nothing of it and just leaned back on my seat a relax. Sure the seat fell apart and I was horizontal on the floor facing up, but at least it was relaxing. It gave me some time to read that airplane warning thing most of you never bother reading. It was quite interesting, and now all those incidents of people doing swan dives on to the sliding thingy all makes sense. It was for the style points, of course. Anyhow, midway through the flight, after the skateboarding chainsaw juggler passed by use, aisle by aisle, we were offered some in-flight peanuts. They didn't taste like they normally would, but we ate them anyways. And asked for seconds.

Upon arrival to this foreign land, I proceeded to try and see if I could find anyone I know. I didn't. There was too many people — I did find Waldo though, see if you can find him though. He took me to a local pub and we drank our worries away. Waldo then invited me over to a strip club. Being the timid kind of guy I am, I denied. He told me he would pay for all my expenses in there, and if I didn't like it, he would take me home. So sure, I agreed and we got into his two-person bicycle and rode up to the strip club. We spent all night there, and came out at 6AM. I knew something was awfully weird about the girl I had hooked up with, and it turns out that she was one of the three ugly ones they had hidden inside. It sort of made me regret giving her my phone number.

Waldo and I were pretty hungry come morning, and the only thing nearby was a chinese food place. So we stepped in there and sat down. We ate and left, but I must say, every thing they served was either creamy or chunky, but all in all, sweet and salty.

Little did I know how lucky I would be that day. After departing from Waldo, I walked around to check out what this city had to offer me. Just as I was about to cross this one street, I looked both ways. To my right, a FedEx truck revving its engine. To my left, a UPS truck revvings its engine as well. I was stuck in the middle with no where to go! So I took a step back and let them play their game of chicken. None turned at the last moment, so they crashed. I have this fetish for wearing firefighters clothing, so you can check me out here, along side the two crashed mail trucks.

I got tired of walking so I asked the UPS guy where is a good place to rent a car. He told me where, and so I went and rented a BMW. A lot of people couldn't believe a little white kid like me would rent a BMW, so they gathered around the car at first. Afterwards I drove off in it and out into the streets.

The car had a cell inside so I called 411 and asked for information of where an old friend of mine lived. I got it, and drove to his house. I parked in the first available space. People waved at me, so I waved back. Hell, even a baby waved at me. I figured they were trying to be friendly, so I just finished parking and headed up to my friend's house. When I was leaving, I realized why people were waving, I was parked in an illegal zone. There goes my car. (sigh).

I then called it a day and proceeded back home, where everybody knows your name, even if they pronounced it with a "fuck you, " in front of it. Tomorrow I'll be going to the Cuban circus, in Cuba. Lets see how well that goes.
Its fucking cold right now. Its 22°F outside. And its snowing. Here are a few pictures I took about 2 hours ago.

[ pic.1 | pic.2 | pic.3 ]

I've been talking to James of Nox-Design for like a few hours now. Here's an excerpt:

dhenji: you know..challenging myself i tried to take a snapshot of my cam with the cam..
dhenji: its impossible ;)
x N0XI0US x: hehehe
x N0XI0US x: mirrow no work?
dhenji: AHA!
dhenji: MIRROR! :D
x N0XI0US x: i bet you were up all night thinking of a way huh
x N0XI0US x: hahahah
dhenji: yeah

James was talking to me about sending me a Phan Pic, and he finally did do it. YAY! Here you can see him actually writing the sign. Here and here he sports the sign on his lap. However, all was not as innocent as things seemed. At one point he went crazy talking about wanting to send a completely nude picture where he would write "NIGITAL, YOU COMPLETE ME" or something like that in big type 300 font on his body. Here is the proof for that one! Good thing I convinced him into doing "normal" pictures. However, hopefully our friend James influenced a few of the female readers out there... (cough)

Okay, not only did James send in phan pics, Brent of ph0nx did as well. Competition is getting really close now. And everything seems good, but please CONTINUE SENDING ME THOSE PHAN PICS!. Contest is still scheduled to end on Wednesday, so...

They're giving 'Gladiator' on Pay-Per-View, and so I've been watching it over and over. (I got illegal cable — sue me.) This movie was so cool in the theatres. The popcorn even tasted better than usual (and the popcorn ALWAYS tastes good). Watch this movie, I recommend it.

That's about all I have to say. Its 5:43 and time fucking flew like crazy tonight. Or this morning. Or whatever you politically-correct freaks wanna call it. Being I have no much to say, I'll keep this short and sweet and end it now.

Enter the contest.

[ edited 01.21.01 at 1:26PM. Thank you Serra for telling me about it ]
I'm seriously starting to dislike McDonald's and their service. I remember there was a time when all I could utter out of my mouth was "mc-daw-nolds..", not what I'm begging to stay is "devil...devil...devil..." McDonald's is seriously beginning to suck ass. Their service has sucked. Last three times I went, they asked me, as usual, "What kind of soda?", to which I reply "sprite" because they sometimes pre-fill cups with coke and have them there sitting, and by the time you get it its cold. However, I've gotten Coke. At least they were cold. That's not that bad, I guess. However, when I went today, I got a number 4 (double quarter pounder w/cheese) supersized. Great, they only seemed to have fucked up my order as far as soda choice goes. So I head home a semi-happy customer.

Upon arrival at home, I inspect everything. Good, all seems good, and the Coke was sweeter than usual, which is a plus. I take a bite into the Double Quarter Pounder, with cheese, and its awfully salty. Like, they inserted the salt while cooking, cause you could feel it within. As if they boiled the burger in sea water pre-cooking, or microwaving or whatever it is they do. Hungry, having eating nothing throughout the whole day I continue eating it, until I can't any longer because of the high salt content. I probably got a month's worth of salt content in me. The fries are always good. Theres no question about that. But McDonald's ... their service ... everything overall (except the fries), are beginning to suck sweaty genital warts-infected blue ball penguin nuts.

I did nothing throughout the day except relax. I went to a friends house and just chilled there. Thats how my day went.

However, just now I'm coming back from recording with two friends of mine, Chris and Pierre. We recorded ourselves freestylin' to the beat of 'Bad to the Bone,' which made everything more interesting. We then ended up freestylin' to normal rap-mouth-beats. Every thing went well. We had a good time, and have it all on tape. The tape ended, or was ending at the time, so we decided to finish it off by mooning the camera. It all went well, my white ass came out picture-perfect. :)

That's about all of my activities for today.

I was thinking, and sometimes I think I curse too much here. I mean, there's always a few "fuck's" in every post. Is this normal or not? I don't know. But..if I offended you...GOOD. And fuck you too. :)

+Fuh-q.com I honestly like this site. I usually find myself getting lost in it. Reading it just now I see Serra's planning a new layout. Can't wait for that. :)

Saturday, January 20, 2001

I can't believe its Saturday. I've been waiting for this day for a while. Had my freeloading gramdmother not been here I would be pumping music at its max right now. Too bad though.

Let me talk more about my grandmother for a minute. Many of you think I'm a bitch for hating her, but I have my reasons.

When I was younger, she used to live here in NYC (in Brooklyn more specifically. She nows lives in the Dominican Republic). My sister (older) would love her, because my grandmother loved her back. My grandmother hated me from the start. I don't know why. She would tell my mother to let my sister stay over at her house for the weekend, and not to even bother bringing me over. And if I would go (like I had a choice back then, I was in the early elementary school days), she would make sure I couldn't stay over. I wanted to stay over, because my sister was. You know how it is when you have an older sibling and you wanna do everything they do...or just be with them. She would hate taking care of me if my mother stepped out for a few minutes. I don't know why. I was honestly not that bad a kid back then. I especially wouldn't do anything because I knew she hated me so I thought she might end up killing me one day off the slightest excuse...say me over-toasting a bread. So I would sit idly and talkless where ever I was when my mom left as to not have to bother her. My sister never faced this problem. My sister was happy when we would be going to Brooklyn, I hated it.

Eventually after the bitch [grandmother] got older, she decided to move to the Dominican Republic for good and stay there. She's originally Dominican anyhow. I was a bit older by the time she did this move. However, I didn't want to go to the Dominican Republic (a place which I so dearly love) because I knew eventually we would have to go to her house. She would always treat me bad over there. My grandfather (her ex-husband, I guess you would say) died in 1990. I loved him a lot, he was cool. But by the time he died my grandmother wasn't with him and with another man. Which I also grew up knowing he is my "grandfather" as well. He's cool. In fact, he's REALLY COOL. He's always pulling pranks and me and stuff. And telling me funny jokes. Usually he's the one that I end up visiting my grandmother for, to see him. He's usually the one that makes my stay at their house cool. Or their visit to my house cool as well.

Anyhow, back to the bitch. On 1995, when I was 12, I visited Dominican Republic for the first time since 1990. I always like staying at my father's side of the family house. Basically at my other grandmother's house (she's definitely cool, and I have cousins and aunts and other relatives there. They usually take me out to fun places and actually enjoy my stay, unlike my other grandmother). And so after staying with them for a few days, it was determined I would stay with my evil-grandmother. I had no choice, thus once again. The plan was that I would be staying with her for a few days, my mom would come to Dominican Republic too, and she would stay there too, and we would go visit places. Sounded like I plan. I would only have to be alone with my evil-grandmother for a few days before my mom would arrive. However, tensions grew between her and I from the start. She demanded I give her all my money from the start since "i had no use for so much money" anyhow. Sure, I gave it to her. Whenever and ice cream truck or anything would pass, I would have to beg to see a little piece of my money. And lots of other minor things happened that just worsened things up. My little cousin was there as well, for the first time ever. He was 5 at the time. And I was supposed to take care of him. So not only did I have to defend myself from the bitch, I would have to defend him as well. Soon after his mother came to stay as well. (This is all part of the 95 summer vacation plan.) My mother came a day or two afterwards. And on the same day she came, my grandmother said I would have to sleep in a small room which we never sleep in. We ALWAYS sleep in "our" room when we go to her house. But since she hates me and stuff, she doesn't want me to have all this comfortbility. So she demanded my mother and I sleep over in the small room while my aunt and cousin sleep in the room we're normally accustomed to. My mom knew nothing of this, so I told her secretly of all the things she had done to me and how she planned on making us sleep in the small room and so my mother confronted her.

My grandmother immediately took that as an argument-starter and so...started bitching away. Its around 11:00pm, their time zone, when this is happening. My grandmother then proceeds to kick us out of the house and deem us not worthy of ever returning. She proclaim she no longer knew my mother as her daughter, or me as existing. We were in sleepwear by the time this all happened. My mother and I left, I demanded my mother back, and told her a few choice words.

Above my hatred for her over all the years prior to '95, she goes and kicks my mother and I out. Great, that's definitely a boost. Funny too how its always my mother the one to help her out with shit. Her other children don't care...and if they do, they don't show is financially or any other way besides "i love you mommy *hug*"

My mother and I were forced to go to one of my mom's aunt's house for the night. We stayed there the rest of the trip. My mom then soon left back to New York and I stayed but went to my good-grandmother's house. Where the summer became a fun one and I ended up not wanting to even leave.

Over the years my mother made up with my grandmother. But I haven't. I don't randomly curse at her, but when she comes to NY or vice-versa, I have little to say to her.

My grandmother tries to do the "oh-nothing-ever-happened" thing, but that just doesn't work with me.

She came for Thanksgiving dinner in 2000 to have a family reunion type thing, and decided to stay at my house. She's been here ever since. Sure she does the dishes every now and then and other small stuff, but she's a fucking freeloader. My grandfather is here too, so he makes it all the better.

The problem is my grandfather had an eye operation here around December, and it went wrong somehow. So he keeps having to go to the hospital back and forth. That's the only excuse I keep telling myself as to why my grandmother is still here.

So there you have it. There's more to it but I'm guessing you are all bored by now, so I'll keep it to that. Now you know why I hate her, and why the past couple of posts I've been referring to her in a negative maner.

Anyhow, on to other things. Today my friends told me we have to do something crazy, and so I'm always up for that. It'll probably involve photography in some sort of way (film? stills? who knows). If its any fun/funny I'll try and put it up on here.

I've had some entries to the Contest and Phans section, but I want more. Someone sent in a really crazy one, which is cool, but I haven't put it up because I forget the URL he told me to link it to. As soon as he signs on and I re-get that info, I'll post it up. In the meanwhile, ENTER THE DAMN CONTEST.

I'm incredibly happy with the number of hits I've been getting. Approximately 500 a day. I know other sites get 5,000 a day, but for a site who has only been open 4 days or so, I think that's pretty good. Thanks to all you ninja visitors who come here and enjoy the site...yet don't even sign the comments! Heh. I'm just happy enough that you guys are coming, but why not sign the comments and give feedback on whatever it is I ranted on? I just finished ranting on my grandmother, rant about your in the comments. Do you like your grandmother? Hate her? Etc, just rant it in the comments.

+HalfHonk.com Pretty interesting and always something to keep you entertained.
Word yo. Check out my skateboard. I haven't gone skateboarding in a while, so I might as well use it as a guitar double for now. I would've gone with a friend skateboarding on Tuesday to the Jacob Javits Center along with some of his friends. But they planned this out on Monday and I was absent on Monday. Oh well. I would've gone today but it was raining. Go figure. I'll go next available date. I have all this week off, so this week might be it.

I told you all about my friend yesterday who had his CD player stolen from his. Figures he had it back today. He told me that kid that I had spoken about was the thief. Basically I'm guessing the kid must've given in or something, because if not I know my friend would've fucked him up. For real.

I don't know if I should be saying any of the following since the people I'm gonna be talking about visit this site, but I surely don't give a fuck. :) My friend has been trying to hook me up with one of his female friends' fried for a few days now. Basically he don't know which one, but the girl does. She had a few friends in mind, but suddenly its final. I really don't know her anyhow. And my friend don't know the friends she's talking about, but both assure me that she looks good. Hopefully. We're supposed to have a little "get together" on Wednesday. But now there's an extra add-on which makes it all the better. My friend's female friend will be bringing two friends over, I'll get one and one of my OTHER friends will get the other, while my original friend will get the one he already knows (the one who's setting all this up). Confused yet? Good. The problem we're facing is location. Where the hell are we gonna go? My house is a good spot, but I have my grandmother who totally over-welcomed her stay here at my house 24/7. Note that she's been here since before Thanksgiving. Then my friends houses usually have people in them. One of the girls that we don't know offered her house, since its empty...but we hear she has 5 older and tougher big brothers. That certainly doesn't sound like part of my plan. However, I'm not gonna stress all of that just yet, Wednesday is still a few days away anyhow. But for all you thirsty to know, I'll get down to the facts of it all, and what we're really supposed to be doing when we meet each other...


...that simple and straight forward. That's what the girls said, but my second friend and I are a bit skeptical. It sounds too good to be true. I'll see what happens and post it here when it has occured. Hopefully they're not fronters. :)

I just finish eating some chinese food, and boy was that good. One of my fortune cookies read as follows "Someone can read read your mind." Now WTF is this supposed to mean? I know I didn't pay 25¢ extra to find out someone can read my mind! What kind of pervert is doing this!? I'll give away a free box of baking soda to anyone who leaves me tips that lead to the capture if this mind-reading pervert! I mean, what else might he/she want to be reading my mind for?

Its amazing how many of you IMed me in concern for the "pimple" on my neck. Thanks for all the suggestions and stories of similar ones you've had. And thanks a lot to those of you who told me I'll be dying. That's really gonna help me out in the long-run. :)

I recently had a short meaningless talk with Mindy of 5ilver.net. I initiated the IM, so that's more than likely why it was meaningless. I'm just happy we go to meet each other at least.

+5ilver.net Kickass layout, great contest. What more can you ask for?

Friday, January 19, 2001

I'm so bored right now. And I'm pissed at my body, yes, my body. Like ever since school started there's been stupid shit popping out. Things that really don't mean anything, but I get annoyed with. Even if it doesn't bother me physically, just mentally me knowing its there bothers me.

The latest of all things being what I call a "neck pimple." I mean seriously, WTF is that? Why is it there? When the hell is it gonna leave? I'm not one to get pimples or zits or whatever you want to call them, so this thing just really gets to me. LEAVE, LEAVE! I'll probably just slap a bandaid over it so I somehow confused myself into thinking its not there.

Another thing I noticed yesterday was a small bump on my left shin. Not a big bump, its a small one. Sorta like as if caused from getting hit there. Its not a black and blue or anything, and its under the skin. But that shit also bothers me. I don't have it on my other shin, only on that one. I ended up marking an "X" on top of it with my blue Bic pen just in case it goes down I know it did, and not that I just misplaced it.

Usually I get kind of happy when I get a cut which leads to a scab, because I like peeling my scabs. Its fun.

Do you have any thing on your body you dislike or have there somehow? A birthmark? aA mold? A scab? A cut? Stitches somewhere? A scar? Anything at all? Send them in to me and I'll post them in my next update.

+Cheapthrill.org Cool site. I know Lynn...well, sort of. She doesn't talk to me anymore or something. Not like before anyhow. I think I must've done something. =/
Today is undescribable. Today just owned. Today was the greatest day I've had all week. And its the last day I'll be going to school until Jan 31!

The whole school day was cool like hell. Music was cool. Art was cool, I slept in it. 3rd period was the Final Test, but I drew nigital stuff on the test paper and then went to sleep. 4th period was cool like hell, especially since my friend kept catching me looking at this girl's ass. Well, she kept putting it right in my face. 5th period was gym today, since they played and didn't have any gay physical tests. I was on fire playing basketball...as usual. ;) 6th period was cool as hell like usual.

Now this is where the REAL fun begins. After 6th on my route to cut, I was walking down the middle building stairs when I saw a lot of people crowding around...then RUNNING towards the action. Then something happened and every one ran back...I did too (I wasn't gonna get shot if someone had a gun, at least not today). Then we all ran back towards the action which was in the second floor. Every one was smiling and jumping and cheering and stuff. Why? Why else: A FIGHT! And not just any fight, this was the fight of all fight as far as this week is concerned. I managed to skip everyone and go to the front of the action where I saw...BOOBS! It was a cat fight! (and one kid I know got decked in the eye, too bad for him, who cares anyhow). This fight had action, drama, tears, fake hair! You name it, it had it!

This was great! A fight on a Friday on the last day I'll be going to school for a week! Afterwards I said sup to a lot of my friends and we laughed and talked about the fight, while every one is still around us. It was funny because as I was finally leaving the fight scene, I yelled at one of my friends "did you see that!?" and he just had a smirk that 360ed his head like a clapping Canadian head on Southpark. His response? "I SAW BOOBS! I SAW BOOBS!" and I was like "Yep, I hear that!" ;) This owned.

Then, to make it even better, as soon as I stepped outside the school the bus (not school bus, city bus) was approaching, and it was raining so the bus saved me two blocks of getting wet.

As soon as I stepped into the subway station, my train was arriving. This train's last stop is my stop, but it goes local, so I get off at the next stop and take the express train to my spot. And as soon as I stepped off the local, the express was arriving. WTF!? This was all great!

The express made it to my stop quickly, and so to my house I went. No pizza today. Guillo came with me to my house after the fight. It was cool because he was like "I couldn't even see all that much, but I was jumping and stuff! I just saw you behind me on second, and in the front line the next!" or something. Anyhow, we chilled here and watched 'Revenge of the Rejects' on MTV. These rejects suck. I managed to get Guillo to take a phan pic for the site, so I'll put that up sometime later.

Today's been a great day, let me sum it up: School was cool + the girl with the ass had her ass all over me in 4th period + I rocked in basketball + the jokes I said in 6th period + the fight + ITS A FRIDAY! Things can't get better...or maybe they can. If they do, I'll post it later.

I've gotten some Phan.Pics, but I need more! :) Its for a prize damnit, send more in! Thanks to those who have sent already.

+Mija.nu I don't visit her site daily, but like once every two days. Its really cool, and she's definitely worth the visit.//
So far so good. Seems like you all seem to enjoy the site...one way or another. That's cool. Thanks for the IMs as well. And thanks especially for the feedback.

Not much has happened from the last post to this one. I've taken two naps today. I just took a shower and updated my knee cut pictures over at the Media section. Go check it out. Its...cute. :)

I've had so many naps I don't even feel sleepy right now. They're giving The Matrix on Cinemax, but I've seen that movie one-too-many times. I can't see that movie that many times, its good, but not THAT good. Now...Fight Club on the other hand...and for those who've never seen it, this is probably the best parody off Fight Club EVER done. The Thumb Club. Leaves feedback about it in the comments.

You guys really gotta start using the comments. Hell, curse me out in them if you want to, but just use them.

I heard I should be getting a few contest entries tonight (*looks specifically to the ones who said they would send them in..*). Remember, submit as many as you like, no limit. Have fun with them, be creative. ;)

+sex is evil//

Thursday, January 18, 2001

Update time thus again. This is actually getting kind of fun. First off let me rant about my day.

It was average. I caught up with a friend from an old block on the train this morning, and so we talked about "the good old days." Me saying this I'm not talking about what I truly consider the REAL GOOD OLD DAYS, I'm talking about somewhere between 90-96. We talked about all the shit we used to do back then, and how fun it was. I found out how some of my old friends moved away or just don't chill around any more. Its weird how things change. Someday when I'm really old and there's far superior technolgy than everything around us, hell, maybe even the internet will seem primitive by then, I'll be talking about these good old days. Where I would go to school, come home and eat 2 slices of pizza, take a nap, then go online and blab about it on my site. My grandchildren will think I'm a dork, and not hip or something, and even though as much as I tell myself " i will ALWAYS be cool," the chances of that are pretty slim. You think your grandfather didn't think the same when he was younger? Its not like you grow old and want to "be old and all demanding of the younger ones" and so forth. It just happens because times change and you grew up in a different generation. I just wonder what letter name they will give that generation. We officially own "X." I've heard Generation Y thrown around here and there. Z? When will Z be here? Think about all of this. When will BMXing and Skateboarding be considered stupid and dull? Trading soda caps was once cool, ya know. Whoa, I just noticed how I'm still in the very morning part of my day...let me continue.

Upon arrival at school I went to my first period class, which is music, where we watched Mulan. Mu-fucking-lan! WTF? Why the hell are we watching Mulan as seniors? Anyhow, as much as I say that, I won't lie and say I didn't get into the movie. I didn't want to leave for 2nd period when the period was over. While watching the movie my friends and I argued about how Disney draws all their girls flat-chested. WTF kind of shit is that? At least a 32b would be cool. They're all like in their training bras. All except for one person I can think of. Have you guessed it yet? Well, it's Ursula, or however you spell her name, from The Little Mermaid. Now she has some boobs. Those are the kind of boobs that make you want to watch The Little Mermaid instead of The Robin Byrd Show. Robin is so fucking old, I dunno how she still manages to run that show. She has like the fakest looking tan ever. Anyhow, at the end of 1st period my teacher was teaching me how to play Aeris' Theme, which is cool. I printed the music notes for her, and she memorized it. So she's teaching it to me now. For those who don't know, Aeris' Theme is from Final Fantasy VII.

2nd period is art. I think I'm pretty decent at art, but I hate that art class. A friend of mine had his CD player stolen yesterday while he went to get a drink of water at school. That's pretty screwed being his grandmother gave him that for Christmas. Another friend told him who stole it, and so he went to go fight him. No luck. So after 2nd period he went to try and find him again, and I don't know what happened from there on. I'll find out tomorrow. Hopefully he caught the kid and fucked him up. Rumor had it the kid was trying to sell the cd player for $15, and the cd inside for $5. That made my friend even more pissed. Oh well, I'll find out more tomorrow.

3rd period is basically the period I don't give a fuck for anymore. I spent the whole period joking away.

4th period is science, blah.

5th was gym, but they were taking physical tests, like jogging a mile to pass the class, but instead I went to lunch. No, I don't eat school lunch. I hate school lunch. Not a single grain of anything school-lunch related has entered my mouth EVER in high school. They have a little store in the lunch room so when I do go to lunch [never really, except for days the gym is doing some gay shit], I buy potato chips or something.

6th period came by and I received back my essay and got a 90. It was cool because I didn't write the essay, I got it from some site that I forget the name to now. Else I would have linked it. 6th period is another period I joke around, but at least the teacher has more common sense there as to pass me for my overall work than just my homework. After 6th I cut, as usual.

I came home, brought two slices (two days in a row now), then took a short nap. Woke up and talked to a few webmasters and friends. Its always great talking to webmasters and friends. With webmasters you can just share the joys of...uhh...mastering a web? Heh. And with friends you can curse them out and still know 5 minutes later they'll ask you if you know where to get the Photoshop 6 crack online. I also like talking to new people, so feel free to IM me.

Shot out to Brent of ph0nx.com. I haven't really gotten a chance to chat with him, but his site definitely owns. And to add joy to pleassure, he's into BMXing! That's just i33t on it's own. BMXing and Skateboarding definitely make you cool. Are you taking notes, Doug? Heheh. I usually Skateboard more than I do BMX since my BMX is in another country and my grandmother is a cheap whore who's too lazy to send it over. She usually does this shit, and sells it for self-profit. Then says something like "...a needy child needed it!" WTF could a needy child do with a BMX? I don't even wanna bother trying to answer that one, it's just stupid.

Unless everything in this paragraph is just a lie, and if it is I apologize, but Stile sucks, literally. I recently found out the whole hack thing on his site was him pranking on his visitors in an attempt to get even MORE hits. Proof can be found by the counter being on the hacked page. Why the fuck would a hacker leave his counter above everything else on the hacked page? Most notably, Andy noticed this. So I'm getting this stuff from him. But I believe him. Stile gets more gay by the minute. He was once cool...

Yo, enter the contest! It's simple, DAMN YOU. Just submit fan pics, that simple! Also, I added a Hollar section to the Phans section. If you don't know what this is, go over there and check it out..

I'd definitely appreciate some comments left behind in the 'Comments' thingy above the begining of the rant. Comment about how much you hate school or something. Whatever.

Yep, I'm still awake...somehow. Don't you just hate it when you're trying to be as stealth as a ninja yet everything seems to make noises? And usually louder than normal. Like that one wood floor panel that creeks when you step on it? Well, it won't creek this time, it'll start rapping. Above all, the most annoying is flushing the toilet. When you normally use it and flush, it flushes, and that's it. When you're trying not to make noise, the toilet not only flushes louder, but takes longer to flush. Sometimes making it so you gotta flush twice. Especially mine since its not one of those tank ones, its the one that jet streams out water when you flush it (not waiting for the tank to fill). I'm sure with technology and all, they can build a "Silent Mode" into toilets. That would be a great ass idea, a Silent Mode in toilets. Hell, I should be writing this shit down!

Thanks for all the positive remarks on the site so far! I appreciate it! Also thanks a lot for those who have plugged me and linked me as well!

In my never-ending quest to be cool, I had a chat with Doug from iwannabecool.com, and it pretty much answered a lot of my "how can I be cool?" questions. You can check out the conversation on his site by going into the "Coolness FAQ" and scrolling to the very bottom. Thanks for the chat, Doug!

+Helix Works

Wednesday, January 17, 2001

I was trying to hold back on opening the site to wait to add some more rants here, but fuck here, here ya go.

Go to the Cams section and submit to it. NOW, bitches.

I was talking ot James of Nox-Design earlier (for the first time), and he seemed pretty cool. Well, after the 'Tito jokes' got behind us and stuff. Anyhow, go check him and his site out. He's got a new phat layout for ya.

+nigital.dot.net (heh)//
+iwannabecool.com (even us new webmasters know where to go to learn 'how to be cool' from the start!)//
that's all for now... =/
Today fucking sucked. Especially as far as school is concerned. I basically been going to all my classes, except the last to periods which I barely ever go to, and then I find out that I'm gonna be failing third period. WTF!? I used to act up in that class, to the extent that the teacher couldn't teach! I changed, I did it all for the better, I took all my class notes (even when I would act up), I took all my tests, everything...minus homework. All of that should at least amount to something. How the hell can homework decide whether you pass or not? That's some bullshit! Everything else I did I guess was for nothing...I should've never changed and just always act up and have fun in her class.

Besides that, the rest of the day was okay. I just came home and brought two pizza slices. There's nothing like a good pizza when you're hungry, Sandgrain can tell you ALL ABOUT THIS. Afterwards I fucked around with the site some more, uploaded a few extra stuff, then took a long nap. Right now I'm just finishing up with tweaking the site a bit. If you find any errors, let me know. Also, the site is fairly new, if you have any cool ideas to submit to me, and I think its cool, I'll definitely add it to the site. So go ahead and give me ideas. No, really. Go ahead and do it. I dare Ya!

Go check out the damn Contest already! It can actually WIN YOU STUFF.

Oh yeah, and also just send me mail for the fun of it. Like the site so far? Think its gonna suck? You just hate all e/n webmasters in general? Go ahead and mail me.

Tuesday, January 16, 2001

I've spent all day today fucking around with the layouts and whatnot. Literally. I cut school just to work on the site. Hopefully they all work. The one that I seem to get errors with sometimes is the index one. If you get an error with this one, please let me know, and let me know what type of error you got. I don't really have much to say now, I'm so tired and shit. Yo, check out the contest in the Currents section.